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Does 8 hours/day computer work affect eye health?

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  • 04/13/2012

    no doubt ,yes .after long time of intense concerntration,your eyes will become dry . IT may even cause headache .So it is better to have a rest every 1 hour .use lubricating drops to keep your eyes moisture and lower the screen brightness of your computer .
  • elite_couture


    Ok, from what you said, I can see that you are quite worried about your eye health. Anyway, it is good for you. So, as you can see, long time of exposure to computer screen would let our eye take in a lot of radiation and harmful lights, leading to watery eyes, red eyes, dry eyes, and maybe other serious infections. So, you should try hard to protect your eyes, through taking breaks from time to time, more tea, more fruits and vegetables, and a lot of vitamin pills, proper amount of rest, and so forth. Also, sometimes eye drops also help with your concern. Hope you find my tips good.
  • crockettcastle


    Yes, it does. I am a computer worker too. I have to work in front of computer screens for more than 8 hours one day. I often suffer from dryness in my eyes. I have to apply some artificial tears to moisten my eyes from time to time. Sometimes, I will watch movie at home after work. My aunt often reminds me not to use computer after work. But I think the people living in our times can't get away from computers.
  • RJ


    There will be some side effects on our health. You may suffer from red and itching eyes. The glare and reflections from computer screens are harmful to our eyes. I am a computer worker. I often wear a pair of computer glasses when I am working in front of a computer. Computer glasses can block reflections and filter the glare for our eyes. I suggest you to buy a pair of computer glasses too. Hope this helped!
  • walkingbassline


    When you stare at a computer screen, there will be less blinking of your eyes. But we need those blinking to lubricate our eyes. So you should blind your eyes intently when you are working in front of the computer. And you also need to drink plenty of water. This can help provide our eyes with enough water. Or you can apply some artificial tears to moisten your eyes. So they will be less dry. A pair of computer glasses can be very helpful. I strongly suggest you to have a try. Besides, you also need to view the trees or green land in the distance for several minutes every hour. Or you can move your eyeballs intently to relieve strained muscles around your eyes. Hope this can be useful.

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