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How to keep from rubbing eyes during sleep ?

My baby often rubs his eyes during sleep recently. I am sure he is asleep. I can't stop this. Can you tell me how to keep from rubbing eyes? What's wrong with his eyes?
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  • Kimberly quick


    Dear friend, sometimes we will rub our eyes during sleep without notice this behavior. You can check the environment to see whether there are some flying insects around him and disturb his sleep. Or you can take him to see an eye doctor to see whether he got an eye infection or not. But the fist thing you need to do trim his nails for fear that he will hurt his eyes by snails.
  • walkingcaine


    Rubbing our eyes during sleep will not cause big problems. It is just an instinctive reaction. If our eyes are dry, we want to give our eyes a good rubbing. If our eyes are itchy, we want to rub them too. I saw my nephew rub his eyes during his sleep. It is so cute and funny. But if you are still worry about this, you can tell your doctor the symptoms such as red eyes or swollen eyes your baby has besides rubbing his eyes. Doctor can tell you whether he gets an infection or it is just a reaction.