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How do you think about Freshlook contact lenses?

I am going to get some contact lenses and someone suggested me Freshlook. How do you think about Freshlook contact lenses? Are they comfortable to wear?
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  • ebernardino


    Freshlook contact lenses offer a large selection of colors for you to choose. You can choose any color you like to make your eyes stand out. However, most people find that they are uncomfortable to wear. I think so. I ever got a pair of Freshlook contact lenses to wear, but I often get irritation in my eyes when I put them in. If it is serious, it will cause red eyes. However, some people have no problem with them. You can try wearing them and see whether they are comfortable for you.
  • Randy C


    Yes, i have try. They are comfortable to wear. But i don't think that Freshlook contact lenses are the same as other contact lenses just no superior. Anyway, it is good contacts. Besides, Freshlook also carries many colored contact lenses. Even if you are poor vision, you can buy colored contacts for both good look and vision aids. Just try on to see if the contact lenses suit you or not.

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