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Do white glasses look tacky on girls?

I have a pair of white framed glasses but I can hardly find people wear such glasses. Do they look tacky on girls?
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  • crystalise34


    No. That just depends on personal style. white glasses are kind of fashion these days. Some girls do look sttractive with the white glasses on. Some girls with white eyeglasses on look kind of cute. But some people are not suitable for white glasses due to their skin color. So if you want to get white glasses to wear, you can go to the optical stores to try them on and see whether they look good on you. If they go well with your skin color, it is good to wear white glasses.
  • Steve


    No. In fact, it depends on the way you wear and your temperament. If you wear properly, white glasses frames can make girls look more cute and nice. Personally. If you have a fair skin and like to wear bright colored clothes, you can try white eyeglasses frames. On the contrary, if you like to wear dark colored clothes and have a dark skin, you'd better not wear white eyeglasses.

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