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Can contact lenses damage the outer surface of the eye?

My mom told me that contact lenses can damage the eyes. Really? How? Can contact lenses damage the outer surface of the eyes?
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  • John C.


    OK, I can see you are pretty worried about the possible harm from wearing contact lenses. Actually, your mom is right. Because sometimes people would wear contact lenses when they are expired which means that they will break into pieces any time. Thus, broken lenses would harm your eyes to a great extent. So you have to make sure your use of those lenses is correct and good. Hope you find this useful.
  • Alexa


    Though it's convenient and relaxed when wear contact lenses, contact lenses are foreign matters on the surface of cornea after all. Every time a blink of eyes, contact lenses and eye surface have a certain friction, in addition, it covers the corneal surface which make corneal difficult to absorb Oxygen directly from the air. So wearing contact lenses too long may lead to keratitis. even worse, it can become corneal ulcer.
  • Sara nelson


    Yes, your Mom is right. Contact lenses damage the eyes in many regards. First and foremost, contact lenses, especially colored contact lenses, cause corneal abrasion. That is to say, when you wear contact lenses, they are scraping and abrasing your corneas all the time. Secondly, there is no blood vessels on your corneas, the nutrition that they need is transmitted through the penetration of aqueous fluid and the capillaries around the eye whites. They can't work without oxygen. However, the contact lenses blocked the oxygen out and many problems like edema, inflammation, infection and bloodshot eyes will occur.    Last but not the least, there are many bacteria, dust, fungus and dacryolim leftover on contact lenses. When your eyes are dealing with them on the long run, your eyes may develop conjunctivitis, corneal infection and other eye disease.
  • b1ggy_13


    Well, in my opinion, contact lenses cannot damage your eyes in common. As we know that contact lenses are made of soft plastics. And generally speaking, it will be very comfortable if you take them in your eyes. But on the other hand, if your contact lenses have been scratched by something, it will just be dangerous for your eyes. In that way, it will just scratch your eyeball in some degree. And that can be very dangerous. So you should be careful about it. By the way, keeping your contact lenses being clean is very essential, or it will just cause many problems.

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