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Is coriander juice good for eyes?

Is it good for eyes if i take coriander juice? If so, What are the eye benefits?
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  • Jen


    It is true that taking coriander juice is good for eyes. It contains abundant essential oils, minerals and vitamins, which can resist the effect of eye aging. Coriander has the benefit of preventing macular degeneration, namely an ocular disease leading to blindness. Tired eyes can be relieved by the help of coriander. Coriander juice can be used as home remedies for dry eyes and irritation caused by dust and pollution. Besides, it can alleviate pink eye, burning sensation and wateriness in eyes. To make coriander juice, you should grind 20 gm of coriander and boil it in water. Then sieve the boiled water and put one drop in your eyes.
  • crazyfirekiller


    Coriander have a great benefits for ourselves, it's commonly been used as a herb in treating dysentery. And it's also found that apply coriander juice on eyelids can help reduce eye burn and irritation, makes your eyes looks more bright. Because it contains abundant Vitamins, drinking coriander juice can improve immunity system.
  • big john


    Well, yes, coriander juice can be very beneficial for our body, and at the same time, it will also be good for our eyes. According to some researches, coriander juice contains many essential oils, minerals and vitamins which can make it very beneficial for the eyes. For example, coriander can help to counter the effects of aging on the eyes. Also, it can also prevent macular degeneration, which is an ocular disease. And when you suffer it, it may be dangerous, leading to blindness. By the way, Coriander also helps to de-stress tired eyes. Finally, it can be used to alleviate dry eye or irritation caused by dust and pollution. Anyway, just have a try.
  • Kimberly quick


    Yes, coriander is good for our eyes in preventing macular degeneration and alleviating conjunctivitis. When someone is suffering from conjunctivitis, he can wash his eyes with the decoration made from dried coriander to reduce the burning, pain and swelling in his eyes. That' because coriander cure the infection caused bacteria and fungus.