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Who are more likely to get complications after lasik surgery?

I am quite afraid of the complications after lasik surgery. Can you tell me who are more likely to get complications after lasik surgery?
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  • Angelica giles


    Basically, There are three kinds of people that may get complications after lasik surgery: 1. people with preexisting dry eyes 2. people who have worn contact for many years 3. people who have a preexisting condition that was not identified
  • Rebecca


    Generally speaking, your eyes may begin to fell slightly sore and gritty when the numbing effect of the eye drops wears off. It may also be teary and light sensitive, but there should be no pain. There may also be some swelling of the conjunctiva and occasionally, some redness may occur. These complaints are most noticeable during the first six to eight hours when the surface cells of the cornea are healing. Dry eye is now recognized to be a common problem during the early post-op period. Therefore, it is important to keep the eyes well lubricated with frequent instillation of the preservative free lubricating eye drops prescribed.
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