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What are lasting fashion glasses for women?

I wanna a pair of fashion glasses for women that can be the long lasting trend. I don't want to get new style of glasses every year.
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  • Caroline


    If you want the eyeglasses can keep you in fashion in long time, you'd better choose some classic style eyeglasses or retro vintage style glasses and avoid some fresh and too flaring glasses. According to my experiences, cat eye style glasses, black nerd eyeglasses, wayfarer glasses, and rectangular glasses are good choices. Though they are made in simple style, they are steadily in fashion for many years no matter how many changes in fashion. So, you can pick one that match your personalities.
  • walker_


    Personally, Vintage retro glasses can be consider as the lasting fashion eyeglasses for women. Nowadys fshion vintage eyeglasses combine the old fashion element with modern element, which make them be in style all the time. Vintage style eyeglasses add chic edge to your outfit so that you look more outstanding. Vintage retro glasses also have prescription ones and non prescription ones. If you have perfect vision, you can get non prescription fashion vintage eyeglasses. Otherwise, you should get prescription retro eye glasses. Both men and women can choose any vintage style eyeglasses, like vintage cat eye glasses, vintage round glasses.
  • Robert ja


    If you want to have lasting fashionable glasses, I should say you'd better get the one that suits your face and the color of your skin most cuz fashion is changeable, but if you wear the most suitable ones for yourself, you'll look always beautiful and never out of date. So here are some tips for you to pick up your glasses. If you have a long face, you shouldn't wear prolate ones which will make your face seem even longer. Rather, you should wear some rounder ones. If you have a round face, you can try prolate ones. They can make your face look more clear-cut. Hope you get your ideal ones!

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