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How to buy prescription glasses for women online?

I need some new prescription glasses, how to buy prescription glasses for women online?
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  • easilymused


    If you plan to buy women's prescription glasses online, you shall buy first acquire a prescription including your Pupillary distance (PD). Then, you just choose a site to place an order of a pair prescription glasses. First, you shall choose a pair of glasses frames. Mostly, you can Virtual Try-on some glasses frames with your photos online. Choose the best look glasses and input your prescription online. Then, you can go on pay for the glasses. Now, you can wait the coming of the prescription glasses.
  • Brandon cook


    First,you should go to the hospital or spectacle stores to receive optometry to see the strength of the lenses of spectacles. Then,you also should choose the right site to buy your glasses. Here "right" means the site should provide you professional suggestions. You should choose the site which has the experienced customer staffs. They may recommend you the style suitable for you. And you can also try the glasses online. I suggest you may look at the site and the site All this two companies provide free glasses. If you are not satisfied with the glasses, you can also return it. I hope you can find glasses which is in you.
  • betty


    Firstly, you can search online for some basic knowledge about prescription glasses and get to know something about the fashion trends of glasses. Thus you would know what kind of prescription glasses you need and want to buy. Then, you can go to some online stores of good reputation to choose the glasses. There are a lot of styles and colors for you to choose from. At last, you need to make a decision of which one to buy and pay for the money. I hope my suggestions would help you.