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Is it better to wear Goggles or Sunglasses?

I prefer wearing sunglasses in sunny conditions. Cool and keep the goggles for cloudy/claggy days with little visibility or contrast. My daughter reckons that I should stick to goggles the whole time; I'll get used to the lack of sideways visibility and will see better overall. I currently have some amber/yellow polarising goggles. Who's right or are there better options?
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  • luis


    Why on earth should you stick to goggles? Totally agree with you, I wear shades in good conditions and yellow goggles in poor light/conditions. I hate the lack of peripheral vision with goggles and, realistically, they are only a tad better than a good pair of shades. It's personal preference though.
  • Kimberly


    It's mainly about fashion. When I first started skiing in the mid '80s, goggles were much cooler. Then in the early '90s sunglasses became much cooler. Now goggles are much cooler again. An awful lot of people with "all the gear but no idea" tend to wear goggles to go with their helmets even on a sunny day, and if they're happy then that's fine. But virtually all instructors and guides will be wearing sunglasses unless they're in a whiteout. I happen to much prefer sunglasses, and use them when skiing off-piste or at very high speed with no problems (and I wear contacts)