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What exactly is hazel eye color?

I heard that people with hazel eyes are very beautiful. So, i just wonder what hazel eyes look like? Any idea?
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  • Cammie


    Friend, you can search on the internet to find some images of hazel eyes. I think hazel eyes are very beautiful. If you don't have this kind of eye color, I suggest you to buy a pair of contacts. We know that color contacts can change our eye color and will not affect our vision. So you can have a try.
  • Isabel


    I think the most beautiful eyes are baby's eyes no matter what kind of eye color he or she may have. They are just beautiful. I have a pair of hazel eyes. I don't know how to describe them for you. They are just a kind of color. You can ask your friend to tell you who have the hazel eyes when you are shopping in the street.

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