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What to take for itchy watery eyes?

I don't know why, my eyes feel itchy and watering in the evening. Why? And what can i do to help my eyes?
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  • Judy


    Dear friend, your itching and watering eyes may be caused by many reasons. If there are some foreign objects in your eyes, you may feel itching and watery. You can ask someone to check this for you. But before doing this remember to wash your hands with soaps. You can use artificial tears to rinse the objects out.
  • Benjamin gary


    It is very important to know what caused your itchy and watering eyes. Then you can seek for appropriate treatment. Usually, we often use artificial tears to rewet our eyes if they are dry and itching. And the excess tear production could be caused by an allergy. Zaditor or Alaway (over-the-counter topical anti-allergy drops) could help solve the problem. However I still suggest you to see the doctor first.