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Alexia gerard


Why is my eye twitching so much lately?

I often got eye twitching in recent days. Why? What can causes involuntarily eye twitching?
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  • Joseph campbell


    Eye twitching is a common problem for most people. Many people may suffer this if they go to bed too late in the night. Many people may suffer this if they drink too much alcohol or coffee. If you are too tired, you may suffer the involuntarily eye twitching too. Friend, you need to relax yourself and catch up enough sleep.
  • Christopher giles


    Dear friend, are you suffer great pressure recently? Do you feel tired? Are you using your eyes for a long time every day? All of these can lead to your twitching eyes. I often heard that great pressure can lead to eye twitching. But we can solve this by eating bananas. There is a kind of chemical element in the banana that can help reduce our pressure, you can have a try.