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Eric quick


What can you do to make your eyes stop hurting?

My eyes start hurting out of nowhere. I want to stop it. How to do it?
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  • Austin shelley


    Maybe rub our hurting eyes is the first way we usually do at this moment. But I will tell you that we can't rub them, because we are more likely to put dirt into our eyes if we rub them with our dirty hands. We should ask someone to see is there anything in our eyes. Try to blink our eyes fast. This can produce tear drops to rinse the dirt particles out of our eye. If it doesn't work, we have to keep our eyes open and then get bathroom cleaner spray in our eyes.
  • Aaron


    Hey, guy, if your eyes are too dry. They may be hurting. At this moment you need some artificial tears to lubricate them. If you got some inflammation in your eyes, you can place a cold towel across your closed eyes for few minutes, you can do this several times a day. This can take down the inflammation of your eyes. You can use eye drops too but consult the eye doctor before using them.