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What are the treatments for photophobia?

Is there any ways to treat photophobia?
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    It depends on the causes of photophobia. If it is caused by medication, then you should stop using that kind of medication, which may resolve the sensitivity. If it is caused by contact lenses, you can choose glasses to wear to make you relieve from photophobia.
  • Kimberly quick


    Limiting harsh light sources can help you treat photophobia. When you are in bright sunlight, you can wear a wide brimmed hat or sunglasses with ultraviolet protection to block the light getting into your eyes. polarized sunglasses can be a better choice for relieving photophobia.
  • Mohammad S.


    Treatments for light sensitivity vary significantly, depending on different causes. For people with acquired photophobia, the most effective treatment is to remove the underlying reason. For instance, it is necessary to replace the current medication that has caused light sensitivity. Once the triggering factor is removed, photophobia will go away. Wide-brimmed hats and uv sunglasses offer helpful protection from harsh light sources. People with serious photophobia may need prosthetic contact lenses, which can prevent a large amount of lights from entering their eyes.
  • b3mine_x3


    It should depend on the different causes of phtophobia. Someone has photophobia because of some certain drugs. In this case. you should talk to your prescribing physician about discontinuing or replacing the drug. Someone has congenital photophobia and it can be relieved by wearing sunglasses.