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What are best haircuts for round faces with glasses?

I am a person with round faces. And also, i need my eyeglasses for vision aids. Now, i am here to ask some ideas on haircuts. What's your opinion? I mean what haircut may suit for me?
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  • cecil


    For a man with round face, you are ok with some long hair which could cover your round face to some extent, also you should try to choose a pair of awesome glasses which could make you amazing, such as nerd glasses or black glasses. Also try to pay more attention to what you wear and how you behave ok? There are lots of good glasses on offer at eBay, which is a nice option for you.
  • handyhands


    If you have the round face and wear the eyeglasses, I suggest you to cut the hair short to the upper side of the ears which may suit you. You will look so refreshing at such style. In addition, you could also cut the hair and curl the hair. The short curled hair will make you look so sweet and cute when wearing the eyeglasses.

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