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Are lazy eyes permanent?

I got lazy eyes. How can i treat it? Will it company me the rest of my life?
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  • b2dar2dai2datt


    Certainly it will not keep on annoying you if you take some effective measures immediately. You can exercise your eyes. This activity may help the patient learn how to use both of them successfully. Or you can cover the lazy one with a patch for a period of time. This tactic may be for weeks or up to a year and forces the impaired one to work and strengthen vision. I also suggest that shorter periods of wearing the patch may be just as effective. Medical treatment is also help. Atropine drops placed in the eye seem to be as effective as a patch. However, some treatments for lazy eye work better than others for children. Work with your physician to determine the best way to treat the condition.
  • crush_star


    Sorry to hear that you have gotten lazy eyes. Lazy eyes may be the results of lots of physical problems. An imbalance in the muscles that position the eye, Anisometropic amblyopia and Stimulus deprivation amblyopia are the most common three causes of lazy eyes, as has been proved. Treatment of lazy eyes are closely related to the causes, namely, treating the underlying eye problems and getting the affected eye to work so that vision can develop. Underlying problems behind lazy eyes can be wearing glasses, cataracts and ptosis. And to prevent them from causing lazy eyes, you can wear glasses, surgically remove the cataracts and take surgery to cure ptosis. To get the lazy eyes to work, you can place a patch over the good eye so that the lazy eye has to work which can accelerate its recovery. And atropine eye drops and vision exercises are both nice treatments of your lazy eyes.
  • hand_and_soul


    As far as I know, lazy eyes is a common eye disease. The morbidity of lazy eyes is 2% to 4% all over the world. Lazy eyes not only can influence the eye sight of both eyes, but also it can lead to the damage of many aspects of vision. Severe lazy eyes can affect people's daily life. The curative effect depends on the age of the patient. Generally speaking, the earlier the treatment of lazy eyes , the better the curative effect. However, it is a pity that adults who get lazy eyes cannot be treated well. That's because considering the development of vision, children's vision is developing until 12. After the age of 12, the hope of curing lazy eyes is very little. I guess you must be an adult, so the possibility of lazy eyes companying you the whole life is very big.