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What are the best sunglasses for rectangular face?

I have a rectangular face, do you have any idea? What sunglasses will look good on me? Any suggestion?
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  • Tracy


    Well, different face shapes have different requires to the frames of sunglasses. Broadly, the face shape should wear the same shape sunglasses. The size of your sunglasses should be proportional to your face size. As for a rectangular face which is widen or shorten, experiment with different lines. Horizontal lines will widen the face, while vertical lines will lengthen it. Based on these factors, round frames will be your best choice because they can help balance a narrow chin or high forehead. People who get a round face can try classic black frames which is good to draw attention away from the middle of the face. All in all, chose a wonderful and suitable one frame for yourself is very important.
  • walkidiot


    One has rectangular face gives a tough feeling. I suggest you to avoid choosing too Founder frames, , but slightly rounded square frame makes the contours of your face more supple. The frame edges of the sunglasses are best to be thick and wide, so that we can show charming facial lines, and it can be a perfect fit with the face.sunglasses with too big and square frame will only make the face look more square.The best lens color is stable brown.
  • Kevin


    First of all, good question! Not all face shapes can go well with certain kinds of frames. Different people differ in their face shapes as well as in their suitable eyeglasses frames. As far as rectangular face is concerned, such kind of face is characterized by narrow shape that is longer than it is wide. High cheekbones, longer nose, tall forehead, and angular features are all highlighted. Since you have a rectangular face, it is better for you to try on some tall frames, which can help make your long face look shorter. You can also give it a shot at some sunglasses featuring broad frames, such as oversized or wraparound styles. Give any pair that complements your face shape a shot. You will find the perfect match.