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How do you reduce inflammation in your eye?

I was diagnosed eye inflammation, but I don’t want to go to hospital, can you tell me how to reduce my pain at home? And what can I do to prevent is?
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  • Allison walker


    In common, eye inflammation is caused by bacterial infection or allergies. Also, eye inflammation can be complications from surgery or trauma. To reduce the inflammation, you shall know the causes. If your eye inflammation is caused by viral or bacterial infection, allergies, you can use some bilberry, which is commonly used herb to the eyes. It can strengthen eye capillaries, prevent eye infection. Also, it can help the eyes recovery.
  • Caitlin


    People with eye inflammation usually appear red and burning eyes, you can apply some antibiotic eye drops to help the eyes. Also, you can apply home made saline solution for your eyes. You shall keep the saline cool and pour some in an eye cup or shot glass. Then put it on your closed eyes with tilt your eyes head back. You can try to blink your eyes several times. Do this before you go to bed. Hope this can help you.