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Jada shelley


How to slow progression of macular degeneration?

Is there any way that i can do to slow progression of macular degeneration? What's your suggestion?
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  • Brittany green


    Well, in my opinion, you can just intake some foods which contain a lot of vitamin d, for high levels of vitamin D may be able to prevent or slow the process of macular degeneration. First, you should know that by in taking much vitamin D, it could help to prevent age-related diseases, in particular loss of vision and blindness. In that way, you can just slow down the progress of macular degeneration. As we know that vitamin D also reduce numbers of cells called macrophages, which play a vital role in the immune system and can also trigger inflammation. So just take some. Catfish, eggs, and cod liver oil are rich in vitamin d. So you can have a try.
  • Caroline bell


    Actually, there is no way for you to slow the progression of macular degeneration when you get this eye disease. The pathological mechanism of macular degeneration is mainly in the macular area structure because of the aging change for the performance of the retinal pigment epithelium cells . The eye cells outside plate membrane ingest function decline. It is not digested plate membrane residual corpuscle retention in the basal part cell original propeller and the cells of the effluent that form a glass membrane wart. So after secondary pathological changes, it results in macular degeneration. In addition, the macular degeneration will affect your eye vision badly. Although there is until now no accurate way to help you cure the macular degeneration in the medical circle, you could prevent them by having good habit of using eyes, eating more food with vitamin C and A, sleeping well and doing exercises at regular time. All these will prevent you from the macular degeneration to some degree.
  • edjuice


    Well, so sorry to hear that you have got macular degeneration. Anyway, it is one of the most complicated problems in relation to our eyes. So, generally speaking, it is hard for us to get it thoroughly cured, so we must do as much as we can to relieve the problem and control it. Here I must advise you to pay more attention to your living habits, your diet, as well as your use of your eyes. Try to take in more lutein which could help with macular degeneration. Just visit some professional hospitals for help.

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