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Can i get lasik if i have glaucoma?

Will it be okay if I get lasik surgery when I have glaucoma?
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  • Mark


    It depends on your eye condition. Usually, people with glaucoma probably have elevated pressure within their eyes. If so, they were not suggested to take lasik eye surgery for vision correction. However, if their glaucoma is under good control, lasik eye surgery can be an option for them to correct vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism etc.
  • cecil


    Don't worry,u can do that.It is safe and perfectly proper.I know u will have a lot of considerations when u prepare to get this surgery.It is common.What u need to do before this surgery is to avoid something that u r not allowed to do.I am sure that ur doctor will talk this to u.Glaucoma is just a kind of eye disease and u know what?This surgery can even do good to ur glaucoma.However,for ur eyes' sake, u had better consult more information of this to ur eye doctor.As lasik surgery is just helpful to ur vision correction and that is why it won'r hurt ur eyes with glaucoma.
  • Rebecca


    People being treated for glaucoma typically are not good candidates for LASIK. This is because a suction device is used on the eye during the creation of the corneal flap during LASIK surgery, and this briefly causes a significant increase in IOP.

    But you might be a candidate for another type of vision correction surgery, such as PRK, which does not require the use of a suction device.
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