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Caleb may


Will the vision worsen if you don't wear glasses?

My vision is -0.75 and I wear glasses sometime. The doctor said that if I go without my glasses and squint, the vision would get worse. Is this true?Should I wear glasses all the time?
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  • Chenely


    What your doctor said is right. If you can't see things clearly without glasses, you will make the muscles around the eyes tight so that your eyes are easy to get tired. If your eyes often get tired, your vision will get worse. So you'd better wear your glasses all the time to prevent your vision getting even worse.
  • carolmck


    It is ture. You should listen to what your doctor adviced you. When I was 13 years old, my vison got -1.00, then my doctor advices me to wear my glasses all the time, and I didn't listen to him, then when I go back to have the eye exam again 1 years later, my vision got -2.25. That really surprised me! Wear glasses all the time is good for your vision.