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What kind of sunglasses can eliminate black spots or "flies" of the vision?

I always feel some black spots in my vision,can this be eliminated by wearing sunglasses?
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  • eiri_des


    The black spots are sometimes called floaters and they are indent to float around in and out of the field of vision. Sufferers can get this especially noticeable when they are in the sunshine. Sunglasses with polarized lenses can make the black spots or "flies" less noticeable.
  • ELLIOTT Wallace


    No. Sunglasses cannot remove black spots or "flies" of the vision. The black vision is also called floaters which are caused by the shadow of dead cells and fine aggregates of vitreous protein on the retina. So you can take a surgical procedure which is called "vitrectomy" to eliminate the black spots. The supplementation of Lutein Taurine is also a good way to remove the black spots, which helps regenerate tissues in the retina. However, I haven't heard that sunglasses can eliminate the black spots.

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