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Jessica Stevenson


What kind of sunglasses will look cool for a 37-year-old man?

I have long face with brown hair and white skin.Any suggestion?
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  • Jeff N


    It seems that almost all styles of frames goes well with long face. For your white skin, you can try lightweight frames or those with a touch of colour such as rose or amber. Tortoiseshell frames suit fair complexions (avoid darker versions) but clear, blue or green tinged frames tend to drain colour from cheeks. With your brown hair, you can wear sunglasses frames of strawberry blond, platinum blonde, black with blue tint, white, salt-and-pepper as well as "dishwater" brown.
  • marvina


    In order not to make your face appear so long, you shouldn't choose the long, narrow and rectangular frames but select wide, square frames with low bridge and depth from top to bottom. Blue and brown will suit your white skin best.