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Why does boyd tinsley always wear sunglasses?

I noticed that boyd tinsley often wears sunglasses. Can you tell me why? Does he wear sunglasses for cool look?
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  • campbell


    To look cool is one thing for sure, and I believe the main reason for him is that wearing sunglasses is one of his hobby and habit. Do not take that too serious, I think it doesn't matter whether he wear sunglasses or not he is a cool man and great musician. But we have to admit for a violinist, he is definitely unique for his cool look, and this partly thanks to his habit of wearing sunglasses.
  • David garcia


    Ok, I can see you want very curious about why that guy, boyd tinsley , always wears a pair of sunglasses during his show. So, as you can see, a lot of his fellow singers also wear different types of sunglasses on the stake, which could make them appear more attractive and amazing, or some of them try to cover their facial defects and improve their looks, some of them did so just out of personal habits. You could also try to get a pair to improve your looks.
  • Daniel christian


    Well, yes, I have to say that actually, there are many people who are wearing sunglasses all the time, especially some famous people. In my opinion, wearing sunglasses can just make them look cooler, and more attractive. On the other hand, fashion can be another reason, for there are many different styles of sunglasses. And that can be amazing. And also, by wearing sunglasses, it will protect their eyes from the strong lights even in the room. By the way, if they go outside, sunglasses can just protect their eyes from sunlight and uv rays. so that why he often wear sunglasses.