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Caleb may


Are hazel eyes ugly ?

What's your opinion on hazel eyes? Do you think people with hazel eyes look less charming than people with blue eyes?
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  • ccrazybeautyful


    I find hazel eyes are glamorous, and special. For me, the people with hazel eyes are much more charming than people with blue eyes. However, if you are the one with hazel eyes but you do not like it, you can wear blue contact lenses. Actually, people can be attractive because of their confidences not the eye colors or other things.
  • handygrl_90


    In my opinion, I think the hazel eyes look also charming and attractive, just the same as the blue eyes. However, different people have different favors. There must be a lot of people like the hazel eyes. You could make your eyes look attractive and charming through the makeup and matching way of your clothing. You could have a try.
  • cherry_bloss0m


    Ok, it seems that you are just not confident of the color of your eyes, anyway, the answer is quite subjective and may differ from person to person. As a matter of fact, a lot of people around me really fancy those eyes, including me. You don't have to worry too much about them. Just try to pay attention to your figure and cosmetics. I think hazel eyes could be as charming as blue eyes, for what matters most is the person itself.
  • Butt face



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