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Why do my eyes turn red when i drink water?

My eyes turn red when i drink water. Is this normal? why?
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  • Anthony gary


    It is not normal for you to get the red eyes when you drink water. Your eyes may get infection or get the invisible bacterium which causes the redness. You should use some eye drops to release the symptom. You could also do the warm compress to make the eyes feel comfortable. You should take care of the eyes.
  • handril


    Well, it is normal to have red eyes when you drink water. Generally speaking, when you drink, your blood vessel will dilate and you can get dehydrated. In that way, your eyes might be red. But on the other hand, you do not need to worry about it, for it simply means that your body is lack of water. To treat it, you have to do is drink water or gatorade for the electrolytes. And if your red eyes still exists, you need to go and see the eye doctor as soon as possible.