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What does it mean to have hazel eyes?

What if I get hazel eyes? Do I need to worry about that?
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  • Kelly Dalton


    Personally, it is normal to people to have hazel eyes. Usually, people with hazel eyes usually appear to shift in color from a light brown to a medium golden-dark green. This is not a bad way. So, you needn't worry about it. It is normal. If you do not satisfied your eye color, you can wear colored contact lenses to cover your hazel eyes. Or you can just consult your doctor for a better way to change your eye color look.
  • come__tomorrow


    It is OK to have hazel eyes. The color of the eyes are deiced by gene. If you are born with hazel eyes, it is normal. In fact, some people think that hazel eyes are the beautiful eye color. They are so special. But if you got hazel eyes latter, it may caused by some eye diseases , you'd better consult a doctor and get your eyes checked so as to know what causes it. If you don't like hazel eyes, you can make your eyes appear black/brown/blue by wearing colored contact lenses.