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What is good for baggy eyes?

I hate to have baggy eyes. Do you guys know any ways that can be good for baggy eyes?
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  • Jason warren


    Since there are many factors that may cause baggy eyes such as poor diet, aging, disturbed sleeping patterns as well as genetic etc. So, you shall treat it separately. Usually, for young people, baggy eyes are caused by poor diet ( for losing weight ), lack of sleep or unhealthy diet ( eat too much salty food). If so, you shall change your diet and get enough sleep. Also, apply some home remedies such as cold compress can also help the baggy eyes. If your baggy eyes caused by genetic factors, you can do eyelid surgery to reduce it.
  • cthier


    As a matter of fact, there are many factors that can lead to baggy eyes. For example, lacking of sleep, stress, depression, and unbalanced diet can be the common factors. So if you want to get rid of baggy eyes, you should follow the advice below. 1: You had better lead a regular life. Do not stay up or spend too much time on computer. By the way, do not drink much water before, or take salty food before. 2: A balanced diet is of much importance to remove your baggy eyes. Fruits and vegetables can helpful, because they are rich in Vitamins. 3: Try to keep a good mood, and relieve your pressure. 4: You can apply to some home remedy. Apply to cold compress on your eyes for several minutes. 5: If not recover, you can see a doctor.
  • Arianna


    Your baggy eyes can be caused by too much water detained in the cells of the skin under the eyes. Therefore, you should not drink too much water before you go to sleep at night. You can change to drink a glass of milk instead. Also, you can cut a cucumber or a potato or an apple into sliced pieces and put one piece onto each one of the closed eyes for about 15 minutes. You can do it every day and two or three times each day, and then the effects will be good. Besides, you can as well apply some professional anti-baggy eye scream to the skin under the eyes and massage for a few minutes. Do not drink alcogol or smoke. Eat more vegetables and fruits to speed up the metabolism.