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Kristy Prince


Are pickles good for your eyes?

As you know,lots of people like eating pickles,me including. Just now one of my friends told me that pickles can improve my eye health , really?
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  • chronojwl


    Well, yes, pickles can be very good for your eyes, for they contain a lot of nutrients which can do a good job to your eyes. First, you should know that by eating a serving of pickles, you can get a boost in your vitamin K intake. Also, pickles contain rich of vitamin a and vitamin b, which can just be good for patients with eye floaters. Also, it will just decrease the risk of getting some serious eye problems, when you have taken more pickles. Anyway, you can just have a try.
  • Susan


    Generally speaking, eating too much pickles can not do good to your eyes. Instead, it can do harm to your body. This is because that there are much nitrate contained in the pickles, and under the reactions of the intestinal bacteria, the nitrate can be restored into nitrite, which is greatly harmful to the health of human body. Therefore, people who get high blood pressure should absolutely carry on a diet of low salt and low fat. If you eat moderate amount of pickles once in a while, then it will be ok; but if you usually eat a large amount of pickles, it can be bad for your health.