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Andrea warren


Is using the computer in the dark bad for your eyes?

I often use my computer in the dark. My roommate said it is bad for eyes. Is that true? How?
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  • Jack percy


    Hello, it still depends on your conditions. If your computer screen has anti-glare and the video brightness isn't too high or too low and your vision is quite normal, then your eyes can not be affected. However, it can still cause some eye strain if you stay near to it for a long time, so just stay at the right distance and have a rest when your eyes are tired.
  • Michelle


    Our eyes need sufficient light to function, so they'll be harmed when you always stay at a dark room. Situation can be serious when you use computer in a dark room because the strong light of computer would make your eyes more tense. Your eyes focus on that narrow screen which in contrast with the dark can make eye sight drop rapidly.