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How to get chili off contact lenses?

It is a accident, a bit of chili get on my contact lenses. Can you tell me how to remove it totally. Can i still use the contact lenses?
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  • James


    How can you do that? The chili can be very spicy and very harmful to your eyes. You should take off your contact lenses first, and wash your eyes out thoroughly. Or you can keep soaking your eyes in the water for sometime. If it burns, use some eye drops, go to doctor when necessary.
  • Catherine williams


    When you get the bit of chili on your contact lenses, your eyes will feel so itchy and uncomfortable. You may not remove it totally. You could just take off the contact lenses and put them in the solution. Then the contact lenses should be soaped in the solution for a while to get rid of the chili. If you still wear the contact lenses, your eyes will get the uncomfortable feeling too.
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