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Daniel christian


Is it ok to wear contact lenses while skiing?

Can i go to skiing when i wear contact lenses? Or it will hurt my eyes?
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  • Gabriella


    Hello, you can ski when you wear contact lenses, but you'd better wear skiing goggles, or snowboarding goggles, which will be safer. Since some injuries may happen if you have a bad choice in eyewear, or no eyewear at all. If the lenses are not good enough, they can shatter and the pieces can cut your eye, so you'd better choose the right eyewear for skiing, they are skiiing goggles and snowboarding goggles, shop them!
  • Ryan warren


    You can wear contact lenses when you go to skiing. Actually, you should wear contact lenses if you have near-sightedness. Glasses may be harmful if you fall. So wearing contact lenses can be a necessity when you do some dangerous exercise. Do not wear glasses. The best choice for you is wearing goggles with prescription.