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How to get hairspray off contact lenses?

I carelessly pray a bit of hairspray on my contact lenses. I want to continue use the contacts. Can you tell me how to clean it?
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  • Warren


    Firstly, you need to clean your hands with soap and dry them with a towel. Then remove the lens, and place it into your hand. Rinse it with the contact lenses solution on both sides. Drop few drops of lenses solution to the lenses, and rub it with your finger for 20 seconds to remove any residue. Hold the lens with two fingers, and rinse it with lens cleaning solution. Don't scratch the lenses with your fingernails. Place the lens in the lens case, and fill it with fresh solution. Close the lid tightly.
  • constans


    Well, in my opinion, you can just have some ways to solve the problem. And you even do not need to worry about it, for it can be fine. First, I will suggest you have your contact lenses in the pure water. And in that way, it will just wash the hairspray off. And then, you can have some solution on the contact lenses, so that it will clean the lens one more time. In that way, it will be safe to clean the virus from hairspray. So you can just have a try.