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Samuel hill


Are itchy eyes a sign of pregnancy?

Can itchy eyes a sign of pregnancy? Or what can cause dry eyes?
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  • Jada


    It depends, some women may have itchy eyes when they are pregnant, but others do not. Dry eyes occur when people are tired, or they lack of water, or eye strain, etc. No matter what reason makes your itchy eyes or dry eyes. You'd better use eye drops immediately. And make sure you relax your eyes sufficiently. Drinking adequate water is always important.
  • cajunbel29


    Well, of course not. First, I have to tell you that itchy eyes can not be a sign of pregnancy. And for your situation, it is possible to have dry eyes. Generally speaking, if you do not have the necessary balance of these three layers in your eyes, dry eye can be possible. But on the other hand, there is nothing to do with the pregnancy. And when dry eyes occur, your eyes can be itchy, blurry, watery. And it can be just like your situation. For your situation, you can take some foods which are rich in vitamins such as the fishes and some other vegetables. Besides, if you have dry eyes, you may experience scratchiness, and burning on the surface of your eyes. So anyway, it can be dangerous.