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Does lavender oil work for pink eye?

Can lavender oil really help people with pink eyes? How can lavender oil affect on our eyes?
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  • Jackson raphael


    Lavender oil can help people with pink eyes for sure. Because lavender essential oil contains factors which can clam the inflammation. Pink eyes are caused by the infection, then you can see that why lavender essential oil can help people with pink eyes. But you can't drop that into your eyes because it will overwhelm your eyes. You can put few drops of lavender essential oil into humidifier, then turn the humidifier on. You won't feel the discomfort when you stay in the moist environment.
  • Charles Joseph


    Well, pink eyes make many people feel annoying and painful. And in common, pink eye is caused by inflammation of blood vessels. It is often termed as conjunctivitis, for the infection affects the eyes through allergens, bacteria or viruses. And of course, lavender oil is a cosmetic product contains purcelin oil and is effective for inflammation. Also, some ice and cool teabags can be effective too. Besides, some prescription eye drops should be taken too. Anyway, just be careful about it.
  • carolynx66


    Yes, lavender oil really help people with pink eyes. Since most common causes for pink eye would be a viral infection and some oils like lavender oil, as well as chamomile oil, rose oil can be very helpful for reducing it. You can lavender oil for warm compresses. Just add a few drops of lavender oil to water for soothing effect and use a warmed up washcloth with the water for warm compresses. Have a try and good luck!