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Tyler campbell


Is a purple sunglasses fashion for men?

I just visited a store, and saw a purple colored sun glasses. Should I get it? I am a 19 years old guy.
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  • 04/14/2012

    It is really fashionable for men. You know that Justin Beibers favorite color is purple. I think purple can make someone feel fresh, so it is especially suitable for young man. Just get it and it will siut you fine. I hope this can help you.
  • Joseph bell


    Yes. If you like it, just try on. I like purple framed sunglasses, too. They are look awesome. But you can's expected to be cool just by a pair of purple sunglasses. You shall also make a good match with your clothes and hair style. Just be yourself. If you like it, just do it.
  • erraticgothles


    Ok, I can see that you are quite a young guy and would like to wear something vivid. Anyway, as you can see purple sunglasses look very nice and could make you appear to be cool and fantastic. And you are afraid that if they are suitable for a guy? As a matter of fact, I believe they are absolutely suitable for a young guy, and they could make you look energetic. But you should also accommodate your clothes to it. OK?
  • John clark


    Unlike the black or white common color, the purple color is a little fashionable and new styled. You are a young guy who could have a try on this new color. You must be looked in fashion and good. If you match the clothing suitably with this type of sunglasses, you will look absolutely fashionable this year.