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Is witch hazel good for eye wrinkles?

I heard that witch hazel is good for eyes. So , can it lead to eye wrinkles?
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  • commentsforme


    The witch hazel is good for eyes which could be used as the good medicine to treat some problems in the whole body. The leaves and bark can be pounded as ointment to treat hemorrhoids and wound pain tumor, mosquito bites and skin fester disease. It is such a necessary and good medicine. It contains tannic acid and volatile oil which is one of the main ingredients which is the effective hemostatic agent. It can strengthen blood vessel and owns the role of anti inflammation. If it directly applied in the piles and varicose vein, it is helpful to reduce pain and inflammation. The witch hazel will make your skin become smooth and reduce the eye wrinkles which could be caused by the high stress, high pace of life, lack of good sleep and so on. In a word, the witch hazel will make your eyes become moisture and be healthy for your body.
  • ezycome_ezygo


    When your eyes get inflammation you can use witch hazel to cure them. They can also be helpful when you got dark circle under your eyes. You can use some witch hazel essential oil to relieve your eyes. Or you can use them as tea. They won't lead to eye wrinkles. Any way, witch hazel is a magic stuff.