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Small crack on plastic eye glasses frame(temple)?

Hey guys, there is one small crack on my plastic frame glasses , on the temple or earpiece to be exact, I was wonder how I can repair it? Like is there anything can fill in the crack perhaps? Can I take it to the opticians to fix it??

here is a pic I found online, something like this:
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Answers (3)

  • Johnny


    I dont know why the link didnt work^, but here its:
  • Melanie


    As far as i know, there is no other way to repair the crack on the eyeglasses temple. So, you'd better get a new temple to replace your damaged temple. But it may be difficult to find the same temple as your original temple. If you wan to have a nice eyeglasses, i suggest you to buy a pair of new eyeglasses frames instead of using your old eyeglasses frames. In fact, you can search eyeglasses frames online which are cheaper than they were in eyeglasses shop. Good luck.
  • Victor Lee


    It seems that fixing your frame costs no less than buy a new frame. I think you can keep wearing this frame since nobody will notice the little crack.