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Brittany gerard


What do high bridge sunglasses look like?

I'm trying to find a pair of sunglasses that fits me perfectly. I'm a guy... The info. on the net says i should have a high bridge sunglass. what does it look like?
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  • 04/12/2012

    I think you'd better go to a retail store and select that kind of sunglasses and try them on before you buy them. You can ask a friend together with you , and he will give you some advice. It is hard to tell you without seeing you wearing them.


    Well, I can see that you are a guy and are eager to look for a pair of sunglasses that is suitable for you. Anyway, if the sunglasses has got a high bridge, it means that the upper frame line could reach your eyebrow level which could make you appear more handsome and masculine. It would look great as long as you are strong and cool, just try to look for what fits you.

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