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Does corneal edema go away?

I suffered from corneal edema. What shall i do? Will it go away as time goes by?
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  • carter


    Your eyes cannot recover from corneal edema on their own, and you need medical treatment as soon as you are diagnosed to have corneal edema. Corneal edema or corneal swelling is caused by fluid accumulation. In the early stage of this condition, you will experience distorted vision, blurred vision and halo around light. However, if the condition is left untreated in its early stage, you will suffer from unbearable pain and other severe chronic eye problems. Besides, this condition will eventually lead to blindness. So, medical treatment is extremely necessary if you have corneal edema. The treatment includes medication and surgery. But before you receive any kind of treatment, you need consult an ophthalmologist to evaluate you condition.
  • Debbie Morton


    Well, generally speaking, cornea edema can just go away in some cases. And if the situation is serious, maybe some treatments are needed. In common, the cornea is a protective domed layer of clear tissue covering the front of the eye. But in corneal edema, the cornea becomes overly hydrated by accumulated fluid. And when cornea edema occur, blurred vision, nerves rupture will be possible too. So that can be kind of annoying. According to some experts, causes of corneal edema include infection, glaucoma, post-operative eye changes, trauma, poorly-fitting contact lenses or overuse of contact lenses. So for your situation, you may need to go and see the eye exam. And he can give some exam, so that you can take medical care depending on the real causes.
  • Eric rupert


    First of all, you should get to know what exactly corneal edema is. The cornea of the eyes is the media through which the eyes get enough oxygen and waters from the tears. At the same time, because the cornea is directly exposed to the outer world, it can very easily be infected, and it can take a very long time to recover. The corneal edema will cause the decrease of endothelial cells, the increase of corneal thickness, and the decline of the corneal transparency. The early state of the corneal edema is limited in the corneal epithelium, which leads to a sharp drop in the eyelight. If left untreated, the conditions of the patient can become more serious. Therefore, people who get corneal edema should get correspondent treatment in time. One of the method is to use hypertonic glycerin, hyperosmotic glucose, high permeability eye ointment and so on, to dehydrate the corneal epithelium and transfer the water into the tears. For people who get symptoms of high eye pressure, they should take active measures to decrease the eye pressure such as using acetazolamide diamox to ease the edema. And if needed, the patient can take a transplant surgery of cornea.