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How to help eyes heal faster after lasik?

I just took a lasik eye surgery. What shall i do now that can help my eyes heal faster?
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  • Shirley


    After the lasik eye surgery, you need to protect the eyes carefully. You should have the good rest for the eyes carefully, not using computers or watching tv. You could keep the healthy diet, with more food with vitamin C. At the same time, you should not eat the spicy food which may cause the redness or dryness of the eyes. You should drink more water. All the above ways will help you heal the eyes faster.
  • walkendeath


    Well, of course after the surgery, you can just be careful about your eyes, and in that way, it will just do a help to the faster recovery process. Generally speaking, lasik eye surgery means using a laser underneath a corneal flap to reshape the cornea. Through this procedure, it will utilize a highly specialized laser, and then it can treat refractive errors, improve vision, and reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses. And it is one of the safest surgeries. And considering your eyes are sensitive and fragile after the surgery, you should take some exercises like jumping, running which can lead to serious result. Also, do not let water get into your eyes. some lutein can be used to your eyes.
  • clive


    Here are the dos and don'ts for recovery after lasik surgery. 1.Arrange for a week off after surgery. In this week, you had better wear eye patches and put down the curtains at home to live in complete darkness. The more time you spend in darkness, the faster your eyes can heal. That's because ultraviolet rays affect the result of your lasik surgery and slow down your healing process. 2.Continue to drip eyedrops every hour or every time you feel uncomfortable. After lasik surgery, it is very likely that you get dryness in eyes. 3.Eat the foods which are best for your eye health like animal livers, fish, vegetables especially carrots, fruits and all those foods rich in vitamin A, B and E. You also need to eat foods rich in protein to help recovery of wounds. 4.Don't shower or use hot tubs for at least a week. Water which enters your eyes is really dangerous, because it causes infections and complications. 5.No swimming,no strenuous exercises.
  • Rebecca


    After surgery, dark eye shields are worn to minimize brightness for several days, and goggles are worn at night to prevent the eye being rubbed, thereby dislodging the flap. Eyedrops are used several times a day to reduce inflammation and the risk of infection.
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