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Mya harris


Is beetroot good for eyes?

I heard that beetroot is good for eyes. Really? How can beetroot can help my eyes?
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  • walentynka


    Nowadays, there is a growing focus on nutritions from vegetable. Beetroot, as a dark red vegetable, are associated with lower blood pressure, better stamina and unblock the vessels in the latest reports. As nitrate which is high in beetroot can enhance blood pressure management and help to fight heart disease, drinking beetroot juice is of benefit. Furthermore, bacteria in the mouth can convert the nitrate into nitrites, whose efficacy of increasing blood flow can decrease the likehood of dementia. As a result, we strength our body. For the interconnected function system of our body, we can assume that beetroot is great for our eyes.
  • Noah james


    Yes, beetroot can be good for your eyes because of the containing vitamin C. It could moisture your eyes and make your eyes look bright. You could have this food more. In addition, you could also drink more milk and other vegetables which are also helpful for your eyes. You should not sit in front of the computers for a long time which will be bad for your eyes sight. You need to have the good rest for the eyes.