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Can you wear eye makeup if you have glaucoma?

Is it ok to wear eye makeup when i have glaucoma? Or it can make the glaucoma eyes more serious?
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  • Shelby harris


    Yes, it is OK for you to wear eye makeup, but only when the symptoms of glaucoma are not serious. When the symptoms are severe, you had better not wear eye makeup in case other eye diseases will complicate the glaucoma. Glaucoma is caused by high eye pressure as a result of accumulation of aqueous fluid.It occurs inside the eyes. The eye makeup generally won't affect your eyes or vision, if you have taken measures to prevent the cosmetics from entering your eyes.
  • exxxtazzzy


    You'd better not wear eye makeup when you have glaucoma which is mainly caused by the high eye pressure. The eye makeup contains a lot of toxic materials which will be bad for your eyes. If you have to wear eye makeup, you need to wash the face clearly before you go to bed. However the eye makeup may let your glaucoma eyes get more serious. You should take notice of it.
  • george


    You had better not. There are three types of glaucoma, open-angle, closed-angle glaucoma and congenital glaucoma. The first occasion is common by damaging the nerves bit by bit, partly vision loss at first and blindness in the end. The increased pressure in the eye must be the culprit. So, you can not irritate your eyes. our eyes are sensitive to most of cosmetics. If the extra fluid, like the constant tearing due to the chemicals containing in cosmetics, keep increasing, you speed up the process. The eye makeup will inevitably worse the glaucoma. So, you must treat with it by dropping special eyedrops and quit makeup.