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Does honey cure dry eyes?

It is said that honey can cure dry eyes, is that true? What should I do with honey if I want to cure my dry eyes?
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  • hall


    Actually, honey cannot cure dry eye complete, it is possible to alleviate dry eye. Dry eye is not an eye disease. On the contrary, dry eye is a sign of many eye disorders. Dry eye will disappear when your eye problems are cured. However, if you just feel dryness in eye after seeing TV in a long time or playing computer for many hours, drink some water with honey is okay. Also, you can put some honey in warm water and wash eyes with them.
  • Noah james


    So, you are suffering from your dry eyes, which might make your life tough and hard. Anyway, honey is one of the most nutritious stuff in the world, making our health improve including our eyes. With some honey eye drops, your eyes would be moist again, just get a few drips into your eye drops and apply to your eyes. Also, you must try to tackle the causes that led to your dry eyes in the future.
  • griffin


    Yes, honey will cure your dry eyes because of the inner moisture function. You could drink the honey water. Or you could also adopt some honey on the surface of your eyes to make your eyes get moisture. That is the good way which is so effective. You could have a try. At the same time, eating more food with vitamin C could also be helpful for your dry eyes.

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