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Can old mascara cause pink eye?

Can i use old mascara? Will it lead to some pink eyes?
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  • Vanessa edward


    Well, yes, old mascara can lead to pink eyes. And first, pink eye is an eye infection which will cause the white of the eye to turn red. And for the causes, infection can be the most common reason. So if you try old mascara, it will just increase the risk of getting pink eyes. And at that time, itching, watering eyes, swollen lids and a thick discharge will occur in some degree. So just avoid using them, or it can be dangerous.
  • Jacob adams


    Of course it may lead to some pink eyes even get inflammation of your eyes. Personal hygiene is important to the eyes health. Sometimes your eyes will get inflammation with the conjunctivitis, it may cause by the virus that get into your eyes when you use old cosmetic to make up. Every product have its own quality guarantee periods, the outdated ones which over the periods will get more dust and virus even bacterial, they will hurt your eyes when the dirty staff contact to your skin and cornea. The cornea is transparent and very thin, it is subtle and exquisite. The recovery of eyes disease will take a certain times and it will really affect your life quality. Why you use the old cosmetic, change a new one and take safeguard for your body!
  • Caitlin


    I advise you not to use old mascara because it can lead to pink eyes. It is known to us that bacteria, viruses and allergents can lead to pink eyes. Old mascara may get tained and if your reuse it, you may rehydrate a mascara so that it is contaminated with infectious bacteria, resulting in pink eyes. Therefore, you should change your mascara every couple of months even if you haven't used it up to keep yourself away from pink eyes. Moreover, you should not share your mascara and other makeup with others to avoid being infected. And do not rub your eyes with your hand and remember to wash your hands often so that pink eyes will not onset you.

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