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Does low testosterone cause dry eyes?

I have got dry eyes for days. My friend guessed that my dry eyes may be caused by low testosterone. What is that? Can that be cured?
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  • cherry_bloss0m


    Yes, it is possible that a low level of testosterone may lead to dry eyes. Testosterone is, just as its name implies, a kind of male hormone, or a kind of androgen, which is produced by the glands and is secreted throughout the body of human beings. Despite the fact that males produce considerably more testosterone than females, especially during the period of puberty, testosterone is quite important for the growth and development in the body of both males and females. The levels of testosterone are to decline with the increase of age, especially in post-menopausal women whose testosterone levels are low at the beginning. While the female hormone estrogen also decreases after menopause, estrogen hormone replacement therapy has not proven to be beneficial in treating dry eyes. If your eyes lack testosterone, the doctor may prescribe testosterone for your dry eyes, and you can be taken them in a variety of ways such as spreading them on the skin and using them as eye drops.
  • warren


    Yes, your dry eyes may be caused by low testosterone which refers to the drawback of the reproductive system. It may lead to gonads, including ovary and testis. It lacks the gonad function which has two functions. It is to secrete hormones (testosterone, estradiol resistance to seedling tube hormone inhibin B) lutein activin and manufacturing of reproductive cells (eggs or sperm). In addition, it lacks the sex hormones which can affect the growth of every primary or secondary sex characteristic. It could lead to adult withdrawal effects. The serious sperm defects can lead to infertility. Once you get the low testosterone, your eyes will be dry with little sparkling part. You could use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to make the eyes get moisture. At the same time, you could also use the warm compress to make your eyes get comfortable. About your low testosterone, you need to listen to doctor and take more medicine that doctor gives to you. The good rest for you is necessary.
  • tuener


    Well, yes, low testosterone can just lead to dry eyes in some degree. And according to some experts, testosterone can just be good for our body, but on the other hand, low testosterone can just lead to some eye problems, such as dry eyes. At that moment, you can try the eye drop named as Refresh Endura. This nonpreserved dry eye drop is designed to have three mechanisms of action, pertaining to each of the layers of tear film. And you should know that the oil in Refresh Endura enhances the lipid layer to minimize evaporation, and the water enhances the aqueous layer. Finally the oil complex enhances the mucin layer. Maybe you can just have a try. By the way, some other causes of dry eye are numerous, including nutrition, systemic disease and LASIK.

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