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Can playing video games cause blindness?

My mom said that playing too much video games is harmful to eyes. I wonder if playing too much video games cause blindness?
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  • Riley eddy


    If you just play the video games at continuous time with no little rest for a day, your eye nerves will be damaged fully. And your eyes will firstly get dry. Then you will have the painful feeling. Then the stinky feeling will come to you. If you insist doing this for many years, your eyes may get blindness because of the lack of water and too much radiation from the screen.
  • eagle_tester_3


    Playing video games is not harmful if you could control the time. Don't play it for too long each day, otherwise it will become harmful to your eyes. According to news and some resources that playing video games should be controlled within 2 hours. You can imagine this, staring at the screen over two hours can make you feel eye strain. Eyes are getting dry and vision is blurred. Try to take a break and change the focus of vision. Do an eye exercise to relax the muscle align the eyes. Or even you can just close your eyes to let them have a rest. Eyes are very important to everyone. If you keep playing video games too much, you will gradually develop into heavy prescription, which nobody want to have. You will not go blind in a short time, but for long terms, I think it is hard to say whether or when the damage to your eyes would make you blind. Do some outdoor sports can make you healthy and happy.
  • Sharon Field


    Yeah, many people would like to play video games, especially the children. However, playing video games is harmful for you and your eyesight, because we all know that while playing, we have to see TV or computer for a long time without rest, then your eyes will become tired and this will reduce your eye vision. Because of the fact, many parents will ask their children not to play game too much. As you said, some mother will told that playing video games will make their eyes blind, and here I want to tell you that playing games too much will not make your eyes blind, instead there will be more possibility to get the glaucoma, which will result in your eyesight. If you really are a game lover, just like me, you can balance the game and your life and study, you can take the game as a way to relax yourself, but when you play it for some time, you should stop it and make your eyes watch the distance so that you and your eyes have a good rest.