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Brittany green


Can staring at a bright light cause blindness?

I feel eye burning every time when i stare at bright light. Is it harmful to eyes? Can staring at a bright light cause blindness?
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  • cute_lil_ambie


    It is harmful for the eyes if you stare at the bright light for a long time with no care for the eyes. Although you may say that the distance is far away, the strong sun light will emit the strong heat energy. And it is possible for the eyes to get blindness if you stare at the bright light for continuous time. Our lens in the eyes is similar to the convex lens. If you stare at the light resource, especially the high heat of sun, the most serious consequence of your eyes is that the retinal gets burned. After that, you will find that you see things with the black hole in your vision focus. That is very bad which means that your retinal is damaged. If you don't get the immediate treatment, you will get blindness. Thus, you'd better wear the sunglasses with the special coating at the lenses which will protect your eyes from the uv and other strong lights.


    Staring at extremely bright lights can cause permanent damage to the eyes, including blindness. When the extremely light enters your eyes, your retina is usually pre-adjusted the light, then your pupils get bigger or smaller to adjust it. But when the light is extremely bright, then your pupils can not adjust the light any more, which would cause permanent damage to your eyes, even blindness. Once reported in the news that a boy became blind after staring at the bright light for a period of time.
  • Samuel rodney


    It maybe cause that. Staring at the bright light is extremely dangerous, and it would cause permanent damage to the eye. It happens because of over saturation of the retinal pigment. The effect is worse at night as the pupil is dilated more and more light enters the eye. Just like the skin, the eye is an extremely sensitive area that can be burned by the UV light. The human beings’ eyes restrict bright light naturally, but that process itself creates a focused stream of light pointed directly at the macula. The macula is the part of the eye in charge of the major portion of vision. This kind of intense exposure can literally create a burn on the surface of the eye causing the cells to blister and crack. Most dangerous, is the fact that retinal burns do not hurt while they are occurring.

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