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What vitamin deficiency causes red eyes?

I read online somewhere that vitamin deficiency can causes red eyes, really? What types of vitamin deficiency can cause red eyes?
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  • kathy


    Yes, it is true that vitamin deficiency will cause red eyes because the eyes do not get the moisture role. As we know, the spinach, vegetable, leek, green peppers, cucumber, pakchoi, broccoli and cauliflower with fresh jujubes all contain the vitamin C which could make your eyes get moisture and make your eyes get bright. In addition, the vitamin A could also improve your night vision. Once your eyes are dry, the main symptom of it is redness. Your eyes will feel itchy, causing other eyes infection. If you lack the vitamin C, you will have high possibility to get redness of the eyes. You could use some eye drops to release the red eyes. You could also use the warm compress to make the eyes feel comfortable. The redness of the eyes should not be ignored. Or else, your eyes will meet bigger problems.
  • Thomas


    A most common cause of red eyes or bloodshot eyes is vitamin A deficiency. The trait of vitamin A deficiency is poor recovery and repeat infection. The symptoms of vitamin A deficiency include damaged dark visual adaption, nightblindnesss, dry conjunctiva, dry cornea, chronic conjunctivitis, red eyes or bloodshot eyes, cataracts and so on. People who have vitamin A deficiency should take in a diet of food with more vitamin A like animal livers, vegetables especially carrots and fish.
  • walkingalone089


    The answer is vitamin A. Vitamin A is really important to the health of eyes, and vitamin A deficiency will actually give rise to red eyes to some extents. As usual, blood vessels are invisible, but once eyes are irritated by bacteria or germs, the capillaries would get dilated and visible, so eyes are red. Fiftly, vitamin A is helped with the dilated blood vessels in eyes. Besides, it can promotes proper functioning of the immune system and effectively allay eye dryness, which is the main reason lead to red eyes. In order to avoid red eyes, you need to take vitamin A supplement by eating some food riched in vitamin A. However, it is not the only reason give rise to red eyes. Hence, if you get red eyes, you'd better have an eye examination first before you treat it.

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